Help us reach more children and families in rural Ethiopia with a 4WD vehicle image

Help us reach more children and families in rural Ethiopia with a 4WD vehicle

Join us in our mission to provide services to remote rural locations.

$31,725 raised

$44,000 goal

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

Help us meet the challenge to reach more villages in rural Ethiopia

We greatly value our Roots Ethiopia team members, who are local people living in villages among the families and children our programs serve. Our footprint in rural Ethiopia is big, because the landscape of need is big. Thus, our team travels significant distances every day. Travel is hard. Getting from one village to another is time consuming and not cost effective; it requires a creative combination of buses, motorcycles, walking, and hitch-hiking. During the rainy season, access to many places is nearly impossible. Often times, communities with the most needs are very remote. Sadly, those who need our help the most sometimes get the least.

But, there is a solution! Our Roots Ethiopia Rural Reach Initiative means we can change the barriers of access to remote, rural villages with a 4WD vehicle. A car will help us extend our mission, improve access and efficiency, help reach more families and children in remote areas, and respond to critical needs immediately.

We can do this together! We have $10,000 remaining to raise. Let's get in gear. Please help us finish this campaign. All gifts of any size are meaningful!

Thank you ~ Roots Ethiopia