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SHE leads! And you can help.

Support Roots Ethiopia’s Self-Help Entrepreneurs (SHE) Network

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We believe that with grants and guidance, women with poor access to economic resources can join a network that nourishes their strengths, broadens their practical and entrepreneurial skill sets, and gives bloom to their small business potential. All while providing a safe space for camaraderie and mentoring. Our SHE network offers the support these women in Ethiopia need to become self-reliant.

When you donate to our SHE network, you provide skills development, small business grants, and peer support groups to budding female entrepreneurs. You can have the biggest economic impact by becoming a SHE partner with a monthly gift.

Meet Abaynesh, a mother of eight who is building a business so that she can send her children to school. With support from SHE , Abaynesh was able to purchase a milking cow, bringing this entrepreneur one step closer to her dreams.

“I used to share a cow. Now I own the cow.” - Abaynesh

With your help, we can continue to increase economic opportunities for women like Abaynesh. Your gift provides a woman entrepreneur a start-up grant and business training.