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Jonah's Hands and Roots Ethiopia -- Working Together With You to Improve Schools in Rural Ethiopia

Help us improve school libraries and science labs (and more) in collaboration with Jonah's Hands!

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Roots Ethiopia and Jonah's Hands have a big vision for primary schools in rural Ethiopia!

A backpack. A book. A desk. A blackboard. It’s all big to a kid!

Roots Ethiopia has a strong mission to improve schools and educate children in rural Ethiopia. We are so excited that we share this passion with Jonah’s Hands who has eagerly joined our work and invited his amazing community to support Roots Ethiopia.

We are so honored that Jonah and his community have donated funds to create a school’s first library (Jonah’s Library) and a hands-on science classroom (Jonah’s Hands-On Science Lab).

With our growing community of donors, we hope to expand our impact and reach more schools and students in rural Ethiopia. We can do more with your help!

Please join our amazing work!

What does $10 do? It provides three textbooks for a library. It helps a local school get one donation closer to its first microscope. It’s a step towards filling a backpack with school supplies for our students. It supports a fund to provide educators continued professional training.

Every donation* makes a child’s world a little bit bigger and widens the door to new opportunities. Your contribution today means Ethiopian students will have the resources they need to start school, stay in school, and succeed in school.

Your donation improves school facilities and equipment, aids in professional development for teachers and staff, and delivers books and supplies to bright young students. School communities also receive Roots Ethiopia sponsored tutoring for the 8th grade national exam and the top 2 8th grade students from the school participate in the Roots Ethiopia Young Scholar Educational Trip to Addis Ababa! These programs work because of you!

Lasting change starts with YOU!

Read more about the stories of children, teachers, and schools we’re working with in Ethiopia here: It's All Big To A Kid Blog Post

*Donations will be allocated to our "LRP: Schools Receive Critical Learning Materials" to improve education in rural Ethiopia.