Donate today to improve schools, educate children, and enable livelihoods. image

Donate today to improve schools, educate children, and enable livelihoods.

Your support is so important and makes a difference for families and children in rural Ethiopia.

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We put your support directly to work!

Roots Ethiopia partners with communities in rural Ethiopia to improve schools, educate children, and help struggling mothers create sustainable jobs.

Your generous donations are put to work immediately to support students for whom poverty is a barrier to enrolling in school, improve schools in rural Ethiopia that are poorly resourced, and create sustainable work for women with no access to financial resources.

Please consider a monthly gift. Please consider a monthly gift to ensure a nimble and smart response to community needs.

Here is what you need to know as you make your gift:

  1. Donations to the General Fund allow us to direct funds where they are needed most and provide the most flexibility to respond to community needs.
  2. The SHE Network helps women who have no access to financial resources receive training, support, and grants to start a small business. The cost of a SHE group is $5000 or $250 per woman.
  3. Children are valued and supported with School Sponsorships, designed to help impoverished students start school, stay in school, and succeed in school. You can support a child in school for one year with a $275 gift.
  4. Learning Resource Projects (LRPs), also known as School Improvement Projects, provide quality resources for under-resourced schools to benefit whole communities of learners. Our school work averages about $28,000 per school project, so your support really adds up and makes a big impact.

Thank you for your generous support! You make a difference!